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Small Single Print  


Medium Single Print


Large Single Print


Large Double Print 


Large Triple Print

 Charms/Pendants  £25 £32.50 £40.00  £52.50


 Name tags  £10        
 Bookmarks  £35.00  £42.50  £50.00  £59.00  £62.00
 Cufflinks  £52.50      £60.00  £65.00
 Keyrings  £35.00  £42.50  £50.00  £59.00  £62.00

Pandora style charm carriers now available for £7.50 extra.  

Various shapes available (hearts, circles, dog tags, squares, stars etc

All above available in ‘Chunky’ size, add £7 to price. 


Small charms only available in heart, circle, flower and square/diamond


Sterling Silver Necklaces from £7.50    Suede Bracelet £3

Suede Necklace £3      Sterling Silver Bracelet from £10.00

Sterling Silver 'Sweetie Style' Bracelet £35


Sterling Silver Choker £15

The price of silver clay 1st June 2011 has increased dramatically.  The price of silver has increased significantly over the past few months and with the recent disaster in Japan where the silver clay is manufactured this has added to the cause of the increase. It is therefore with regret that my silver fingerprint jewellery prices have increased slightly.